Mobile and Widget/Gadget based content delivery faces very similar issues. Both need to address limited form factors. Both need to address Multiple form factors. Both need to handle multiple platforms ( WAP/XHTML and possibly Flashlite for Mobile, Yahoo/Google/Vista and browser based gadgets otherwise). The bigger problem is that in the current state, there is no clear industry leader and that all the platform fetch marginal revenues ( Most of mobile revenue is Text/SMS – not addressed here).

However, both platforms are increasingly gaining importance. Data revenues is 12% or so of total revenues of Mobile service providers ( though it may be argued most of that is 3G cards to make Laptops connect to internet and not mobile). And widgets are coming up as useful tools – slated to rival RSS – for repeat/loyal traffic.

Today – atleast to my knowledge – there is no silver bullet for content delivery on these platforms. Companies are experimenting and implementing different ways.

For instance – there are two popular ways for delivering content effectively on mobiles

1) to use a platform like Volantis/Drutt/MobileAware  and more. to code once and deliver on multiple devices and form factors. These products do a good job of having an updated repository of mobile capabilities and limitations and hence can choose how to present content. Apoorv had earlier written this article about mobile content delivery to explain this concept.

2) To use a Gadget/Widget like approach as provided by Zumobi , Yahoo Go ( and I am sure there are more).

Similarly when coding cross platform widgets, people usually look up to use Flash ( which is supported on I think all widget platforms – yes even Yahoo supports it now – and which can be converted to executables for use as desktop widgets)

I just hope that both mobile platform and Gadget providers see this as a single problem and hope we have either a clear winner or a clear standard addressing both!

If any of you has pondered with this before – please post a comment and lets share notes.