Media companies never agreed on the WCM to use in the past, while many were on Vignette and Fatwire, others were on ground up solutions.  Today, while they are going on their 2nd or 3rd generation WCM, they still dont seem to agree on a clear winner. I know of 6 big companies.

One is moving to ground up CMS on Java Platform based on Apache Jackrabbit Repository.

Other moved from Java based ground up to Microsoft based ground up ( Interestingly Microsoft did this ground up implementation – they couldnt fit MOSS here — does this point to interesting WCM features in next version of MOSS ?? )

Third is moving from Ground up based on microsoft platform to Vignette.

Fourth is moving from Open source PHP to ground up Java.

Fifth is moving from ground up on traditional Microsoft architecture to .NET

The sixth did something more interesting. While they kept the CMS same, they moved away from Taxonomy based navigation and manual ranking to Endeca based content prioritization and navigation. This gives them a really comprehensive navigation. I found it extremely useful for long shelf life content.

The  move to innovative solutions and ground up solutions doesnot seem to be surprising as the fragmented market would have never given good revenues to any single vendor (hence forcing the vendors to focus to corporates).