EZPublish rocks

April 3, 2007

Myself and a collegue have been playing around with open source (non Java – LAMP or similar technology based) CMS and related softwares for quite some time now.  Among the CMS software – We have gone in detail thru Joomla!, Plone and EZpublish (and are yet to cover Bricolage and Typo3 – which I belive will cover the spectrum).

Brief notes on them

Joomla! – rocks on its simplicity to set up a website. However it stops short of being a CMS. (for instance – you cant put metadata to images), It stops short of having a workflow and versioning. I think I will prefer it for setting a personal website over anything else that I have seen.

 Plone  – a lot more professional and a complete CMS – has proper workflow, has versioning extensions, has proper access control etc.  However it feels too much 2004, too much file sharing platform and less of a WCMS and it takes time to learn and work with.

EZpublish – is just great. It will give any professional CMS a run for its money – sample these:- make an article appear in more than one places, run multiple sites of single install – reusing content if you wish, mutliple views of a site, great community support, real upgrade path which works – while upgrading versions. It even offers commerce. – And commercial support too. I guess it offers all that mid sized WCMS implementions needs.

I think i will recommend it as a starting point for those looking for PHP based WCMS – chances are that you will not have to look any further.

(I was looking at feature fit for the following scenario:

1) Product catalog for a multi-brand/multi site/multi geo organization

2) Publishing of online news and periodicals by a mid sized production team

3) Intranet site listing organization information like policies etc.

If your need doesnt fall into above and is much different like collaborative document creation and sharing, legal content filing etc. – then you may find this information useless.


It looks so good that I am wondering whether to continue to look at typo3 and bricolage at all or not!

I have been playing with Java based open source CMS as well – though opinions that are for a different day.

In case any of you need notes I gathered on these products ( which in no way would be anything close to a professional summary – likes of what CMSWATCH does) – drop me a message at pranshuj at mindtree.com


7 Responses to “EZPublish rocks”

  1. myownstory Says:

    first of all, your site is amazing. I just love it. It has so many interesting reviews and articles that I’m going to follow it closely. And thanks for this review, I’m going to use it someday on my own site ;)
    Thanks again.

  2. xirui Says:

    Nice article, great blog.

    I’m waiting for your opinions on Java-based CMS :-)

  3. Bart Nelis Says:

    If workflow and versioning aren’t that important , you might want to have a look at MODx (www.modxcms.com, open source).
    Other interesting CMS’s and CMS frameworks are:
    drupal, midgard and xaraya.

  4. Thanks for your insights–they cover my expectations on the above products, although i don’t know them in greater detail. I work with Bricolage–actually on a company’s more than 10 different websites (shared content, different webservers, workflows…) and in my opinion Bricolage fits best on this task.

    So i’m interested in reading your reviews on Bricolage and Typo3 including the comparison with the other cms frameworks!

    BTW–Great blog!

  5. Robin Says:

    I am evaluating Open Source PHP CMS platforms/architectures that can support blogs, forums, chat, user created pages, user customizable UI and Social networking functions. Many platforms provide these out of the box, so I need a deeper evaluation criteria to more fully understand the architecture. This will tell us how functions are handled and how data is stored.

    Main Architecture features must have:
    – Content management features so users can create articles, page and open their own forums. Content should be easily found by web crawlers (increases SEO) and enables user to search content across site without doing DB fielded SQL calls (basically store things in HTML so a standard search engine can be used)
    – UI templates so the company and users can change their interfaces easily
    – Main functions need to be changable (for example, website register, login, edit profile, add friend, create group) may come from a separate system functions. We need to change these to unify the environment.
    – Robust features for forums integrated into blogs (for group discussions) and email
    – Separate DB is used where we can write directly to tables and change the underlying tables if needed (or the functions that uses these tables).
    – Publish multiple website with different UIs with a single USer DB

    This is more of an architecture decision than a functional one. If the architecture is open and customizable, we can enhance any features. This may not be 1 system, i.e. we may need to implement a CMS for Content and A UI engine for UI.

    Platforms we have looked at:
    — Drupal and Joomla are too rigid in their approach. For example to maintain multiple sites with common users there are mechanisms like Bridges to share data which makes things difficult when trying to expose user content to applications. Also, I find the options for UIs are limitated in supporting new-media.
    – Blogs systems like WordPress seem to be a good option to provide the base communication, user generated content and user-customizable-UI capabilities. However the limitations come when integrating Forum functions into blogs (such as in Ryze) which is a nice way to promote conversations. Another limitation (for a longer term perspective) is when integrating Virtual environments (or any casual game for that matter). Blogs are not frameworks (i.e. a platform that would allow for widget/mini-apps to be developed like Facebook).
    – here are nice frameworks like Typo3 for content managment or application environments like Symphony or Zen Frameworks, but each require lots of in-house skills and lots of time to develop.

    I believe that a DB-based solution, with open-source code and an application framework is what I am looking for. The platform would hopefully have some level of integration already done with WordPress, PHPBB, and some widget architecture&. And it would ideal if it was written to leverage openid, opensocial, OWL, etc.

    Know of any platforms that are worth looking at?

  6. question Says:

    how do you add java based content with ezpublish? I cannot find any informtaiton on it what am i missing?

    Thanks in advance.

  7. tensh Says:


    One of the best out there…

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